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Local Loves, not just for Lockdown

We love to hear your reviews of our Black & Gold products.  It's so heartening to read about your continued support for our simple local produce and that you are loving the texture, taste and versatility of Scottish cold pressed rapeseed oil.  These reviews are a great light for us to guide us through this murky patch of the year when many local businesses are teetering.

I'd really like to share a lovely email I received from one of our customers.  We have so appreciated that people have turned to many fellow local producers in the various lockdowns and have been able to search out and savour what's around us; butchers, bakers and candle (stick) makers!  But for Alison, our reviewer, the journey started long before lockdown.  It is so rewarding to hear that our products match the experiences of food journeys across the continents.  And like Alison, let's continue the love into the future and let's hope, in the future, there are no more lockdowns but plenty celebrations with people and good local food!

Thank you for getting in touch. Your oil has been amazing. 

In 2018 I started a personal project to see if we could stock our larder with no air miles, and using local produce. I love cooking, and for me, one of the great pleasures of foreign travel has always been to try the local cuisine from different places. These delicious foods often used simple recipes based on sensational, seasonal, local ingredients….I wanted a local cuisine at home based around what we grow here. 

I now source virtually all  of what we eat from Scotland, most of it from local growers and businesses no more than 35 miles from my house..

Slowly, I have picked off hard to replace products, and your wonderful golden oil has filled one of those gaps. It has been a huge asset in my kitchen…it is beautiful, rich in flavour and delicious.
It fries hot, and I've enjoyed using it for roasting veg…it’s excellent for potatoes….egg dishes…with lentils and aromatic dishes… with rich, sweet, root veggies… birds…salad dressings and more.

My last order is my second 5 litre jug...the first lasted ten months without stinting. I like the larger size as it is always to hand and saves packaging and transport.

I wish you every success through 2021.

Thank you Alison, with your custom and passion for local products, it's already a success!