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Will eating local help the planet?

We certainly hope so!

Local for us means that we farm our seed, take it to the press 20 miles away, twice a year and we draw down from that stock once a month.  We retail locally, too, in local butchers, delis and farmshops.  We supply local restaurants and pubs in and around East Lothian.  Edinburgh being our nearest city is one of our bigger retail and food service markets.  We use a local courier service to deliver our products. And we also deliver to other businesses across Scotland. 

While delivering to one of our local restaurants we talked about the fact that we offered a closed loop system.  We can take back the empties and either refill or recycle. This was a perfect option for our client. All our plastic containers are Food Grade recyclable too  but to ensure they get to the right recycling we can take care of that here on the farm.

That's got to be good for the planet. Locally produced oil - no airmiles - and all plastic refilled or recycled.