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Chorizo Frittata Recipe

Simple baked omelette, using our Black & Gold Original rapeseed oil, is a quick and perfect for lunch or a family supper, and delicious cold in a lunch box.

Recently, I was treated to a wonderful lunch in my friend's garden and we were so lucky with the weather that it felt like we were abroad. And I really felt that I was in Spain, because lunch was Frittata and delicious salads.  

Frittata is different from Tortilla which has the same ingredients, but frittata is finished in the oven, while tortilla is cooked on the hob. With my style of cooking this allows me to set the table, make a salad and tidy. 


15 ml (1 tbsp)  Black & Gold Original rapeseed oil
6 eggs (freshest possible)
50ml milk
100 g chorizo, skin off and I cut it up quite small (omit if you prefer vegetarian option)
1 chopped onion
1 garlic clove (crushed)
cooked potatoes (about 6 small new potatoes halved/or 3 old potatoes roughly chopped
100g frozen peas or fresh if you have 
2tbsp flat leaf parsley chopped



Oven Gas 6, oven 200C or fan 180C

You'll need an ovenproof frying pan. 

Add frozen peas to a bowl filled with hot water from the kettle.  

Break the six eggs into a bowl and whisk with milk and some salt and pepper. 

Heat pan on hob, add oil and onion.  Add chorizo and stir until it starts to release its oil and everything is coated chorizo colour. It should start to crisp a little (a bit like frying off pancetta or bacon). Add garlic and potatoes and heat through. Drain peas and add to the mixture.

Pour in the egg, stirring a couple of times. Turn heat to medium and add the chopped parsley. Cook over the hob for a couple of minutes, but don't stir and lift the edge of the frittata to check that it is cooking and is golden underneath. 

Then pop the pan in the oven and bake for 10 mins.  Remember that the pan handle is extremely hot when taking out. Easy to forget as I have learned! Check it is not too wobbly in the middle; pop back for a minute or two if it is. 

Slide frittata from the pan onto a plate. 

Serve with a green salad dressed with 15ml of Black & Gold Honey & Mustard dressing 

Tips: Leave  to cool to room temp before storing for later