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Courgette and Cottage Cheese Pie

This is such an easy recipe but impressive. It doesn't involve baking pastry blind so it is very quick to make.  We love it served with salads that you can make ahead in the morning so that serving lunch is not a chore e.g. potato salad, tzatziki and a Greek salad with red wine, garlic, lemon and our original oil dressing. 

You'll need a round loose bottomed cake tin about 9 inches in diameter. 


1 tbsp Black & Gold original oil (for greasing and frying)

3 tbsps breadcrumbs

3 medium courgettes (grated)

1 small onion

1 garlic clove (crushed)

300g cottage cheese

100g cheddar

3 eggs

1tbsp cornflour

1 tsp oregano 

salt and pepper



1. Heat oven to 180 degrees

2. Grease the cake tin and add the breadcrumbs and leave

3. Fry the onion in little of the oil for 2-3 mins

4. Add the courgettes and garlic with a little more oil and stir fry for 2-3 mins and set aside

5. In a large bowl add eggs, cottage cheese, cornflour and oregano and seasoning and stir until smooth

6. Now add the courgette mixture to the egg and cottage cheese mixture and combine til smooth, then stir in the cheddar.

7. Pour into the cake tin

8. Bake for around 30 mins until top starts to crisp and the sides come away from the side of the tin.

9. Cool for 5 mins before serving

Can be served hot or cold