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Garden Harvest Recipes

A new patch 

So far so good. I had no idea how many courgettes you would get from one plant! In fact, there are lots of things I got right and a lot not so right. A good friend pointed out that you can't really go wrong with gardening.  You just get better at it.  Lockdown definitely forced me to consider taking up veg gardening but popping out to your own garden for lettuce every day and enjoying the freshness has prompted me to keep going. 

Smeaton Nursery, East Linton got me started with their fine selection of young plants.  I tried growing oak leaf lettuce, courgettes, carrots, onions, beetroot, kale, broccoli, potatoes and strawberries.  And we've always had bay leaves, rosemary, apples, raspberries, redcurrants and mint as an annual surprise. I bought a couple of thyme, basil and parsley plants. My advice having done it is - start earlier, plant spaciously and watch out for rabbits, pigeons, snails and aphids. 

So improvements would be - less courgette plants, keep the onions and carrots away from the big leafy courgettes and broccoli (they take a lot of space and a lot of growing time). More salad and greens.

Our wonderful friends at Doon Honey have given us an amazing recipe for a red slaw. They've swapped out olive oil for our Black & Gold Original rapeseed oil but when I've run out of red cabbage I've also tried this with sliced, cooked beetroot from the garden and added in some grated carrot and sliced apple and added to the onions/lemon.

And just before the slaw... some other ideas!

  • New potato salad with mayonnaise, spring onions and chopped mint. Yum!
  • Courgette batons dipped in flour, egg, shallow fried in Black & Gold original oil and sprinkled with a hard salty cheese, are simple but delicious.
  • Freshly grated carrot with Black & Gold Smoked Chipotle oil and any seeds. 


Lisa's Red Slaw (inspired by Samin Nosrat)


6 tbsp Black & Gold original oil

half red onion, thinly sliced

half red cabbage, thinly sliced

half lemon, squeezed (or 55ml)

handful of parsley or coriander, chopped

3 tablespoons red wine vinegar (or white wine, or cider)

Add the onion to the lemon juice and leave for 10-20mins

Place cabbage in a large bowl and add parsley, onions & lemon juice combo, oil and vinegar, stir and season to taste. Keeps in the fridge in container for at least a week.